Brazen Weep Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Ace demonstrates how to play Brazen (Weep) by his band Skunk Anansie.

Readers of The Guitar Conspiracy can clearly see how this classic skunk track use chords from the key of G, but constantly avoids the G chord.

The closest we get is a I/III with the G/B chord.

This means that the song is modal, all songs are, but usually in major (chord I, Ionian) or minor (chord VI, Aeolian), which chord do you feel that Brazen use the most, or feel at most home in?

Ace is not a theoretical player, all is done by ear and feel, trial and error. He finds something he likes and keep perfecting it.

Most artists use this approach and most songs are written like this. This is why it is so interesting to look at what chords he naturally choose.

Take a close look at the similarities between all songs Ace demonstrates, what chords does he use, what intervals are sung in the choruses?

Skunk Anansie ethos

Skunk was a proper DIY band and Ace has produced hundreds of bands since.

Ace ethos has always been: Simple, but extremely well.

This is an attitude that goes very well with heavy metal riff writing.

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