Hedonism Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Ace demonstrate how to play Hedonism

In the video, Ace talks you through the chords of this song. At first, they might seem new, and difficult to pick out what roman numerals could be paired with such a progression.

This is due to a few different factors, first of all it’s about key signatures, Fm, Ab, Eb etc are not chords we as guitar players find easy to relate to.

So from The Guitar Conspiracies point of view, what roman numerals are used in ‘Hedonism’?

First two chords are Fm7 and Eb/G. Sound complicated, but all it is is IIm7 and I/III. Solo or fill in F Dorian over these chords.

Chorus use Iadd9 – V – IIm7 – IV, sound familiar? I’m Yours is very similar only differing in chord VI instead of IIm7.

Familiarity with a twist

As usual, we do something simple, then change one significant part to create a hit. What we want to achieve is “new, but heard it before”.

In Hedonism we stay for a long time in Dorian, an uplifting but still minor key, to avoid the root of chord I is of highest importance.

When the Chorus enters the I chord does not use a third, it use an add9, this is seriously clever chord I manipulation.

By moving down to chord V, as a listener there is still doubt which key we are in here, did I just hear chord IV to I, or chord I to V? Such a progression keeps the attention on top.

Small details in chord voicing like this is what can make or break a song, Ace found the riff through trial and error, how are you going to find yours?

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