Hedonism Skunk Anansie Electric Guitar Lesson

Learn the electric guitar solo from Hedonism!

In the video guitar lesson Ace guides you through the electric solo and shares some of his thoughts on playing the same solo live as on the record.

The solo starts in Gm, using the Am shape. As described in the acoustic lesson, we’re in Dorian for this stuff so play your Am shaped minor pentatonic, add the 9th and the natural 6th to get your Dorian scale.

Using Hendrix inspired hammer on and pull offs we get a mice blues sounding rock solo.

For the sound Ace used a Marshall 900 and a Gibson Les Paul Custom.

The crazy pedal sound is created by a Dod envelope filter. A delay is also added by a Boss DD3.

Recreate A Studio Setup Live

To recreate this studio setup live, Ace used a Digitech rack effect.

For this interview, the simulated sound is used.

The Guitar that Ace use is a Guild SG’s with Gibson Humbuckers.

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