Klon Centaur Review

Klon Centaur makes it louder!

If you got your perfect guitar and perfect amp you might find that whatever overdrive pedal you add, it sounds like a pedal added.

They call themselves clean boosts and what not but it’s never really the case you might think to yourself, enter the Klon Centaur!

Klon Centaur

Klon only makes one product: the Centaur.

If you want classic blues sounds from a great guitar and valve amp with a pedal that says “mooooore”, then this is it.

Overdrive pedals in contrary to distortion are supposed to ad to the amps natural distortion, boost pedals even more so. According to pedal experts the Centaur is the only one that properly pulls it off.

What happens when you get it right is that, similarly to ZVEX Super Hard On, the guitar and amp become more intense and touch sensitive.

Klon Centaur

For a Blues, Jazz or Fusion player were breakup distortion is essential this is gold dust, a pedal this good can actually take your expression to the next level.

The competition on the overdrive pedal market is massive and new ones keep popping up every week, but since 1994 when the Centaur was first introduced it has remained king.

Background and development

It is very likely that the Centaurs success lays within spending four years of development and never having any other products in production, just 100% Centaur focus.

Ken Fisher, the genius amp guru behind ‘Trainwreck Amps’ did have a helping hand in the development of the unit, that probably helped as well.

Hand made and legendary as the Centaur has become you will be put on a long waiting list before you can get your hands on one of these puppies.

Apparently there should be no difference between early (horse/man logo) and new models so don’t over spend on ebay unless you want to actually invest in this stuff, if you do, please don’t put it in a safe, gig it!

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