Learn Guitar In 12 Steps

detectiveguruLearn Guitar in 12 steps!

Step 1. Open Position Chords

First we learn all Open Position Chords and put them to use with the beginner guitar songs.

Step 2. Barre Chords

Next we focus on learning all our barre chords and play more songs, both on the electric and the acoustic guitar.

Step 3. Minor Pentatonic

In step 3 we learn the minor pentatonic scale.

Step 4. Parallel Minor

The parallel minor relates to chord progressions but also the major and minor pentatonic scales.

Step 5. Major Pentatonic

In step 5 it’s time to learn all 5 major pentatonic shapes.

Step 6. Blues Phrasing

In step 6 we learn classic licks from the Blues Legacy and how to move links around the fretboard with Blues Jam Tracks and the 2 Chord Loops.

Step 7. Extend Chords

In step 7 it’s time to extend all our barre chords into 7th note chords, go to advanced chords for more.

Step 8 Pentatonic Modes

Learn how you can build all modes from the pentatonic scales you all ready know.

Step 9. Chords around Ionian

This exercise ties all concepts together, learn how to play all chords around the major scale shape.

Step 10. Arpeggios

Almost there, first learn all your maj7, dom7, min7 and min7b5 arpeggios individually.

Step 11. Arpeggios around Ionian

Finally we fit all arpeggios around the major scale shape in step 11.

Step 12. Inside/Outside The Box

You will fully understand how to play guitar when you can improvise both inside and outside the box.

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