Lucciano Pizzichini Guitar Prodigy

Lucciano Pizzichini plays Stella By Starlight

What a beautiful thing it is when it all comes natural, Lucciano Pizzichini is only 9 yeas old when this Youtube video was recorded.

Most jazz musicians would say learning to play a song like Stella By Starlight would take many years to get your head around.

Did I mention he is 9?!?

Lucciano Pizzichini and Gibson

Gibson Guitars quickly realized the talent Lucciano possess and made him their youngest endorse ever.

And don’t worry, he’s got his own Myspace and Facebook so if you wanna find out more about Lucciano Pizzichini, check out his endavours here in cyberspace, Spy Tunes will definitely keep you updated as well!

His website is a bit under construction, at the moment it only tells us he is from Argentina.

If you know anything more about this guitar prodigy, let us know!

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