Picking On Me Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play Picking On Me from Ace himself in this video lesson!

In this video guitar lesson, Ace himself talks you through how to play Skunk Anansie’s Picking On Me.

This was a B-side and Skunk Anansie rarely played it live.

The chords used are from the key of G or Em, using VI – IV – V, using a C shaped D chord with an open G string we get a nice variation called add11.

G being the 4th note from D in Mixolydian, it would have been a sus4, hadn’t it been for the major 3rd still being played on string 4.

‘Picking On Me’ isn’t the only song that use this chord, Man On The Moon by R.E.M use the same in its verse.

Another Skunk track that use this shape is Weak, possibly skunks biggest hit, nice recycling!

Picking On Me Chord Extensions

The Em is an Emadd9 when “hammered on” and Em when pulled.

A similar approach for the two C shapes move between adding the 5th of the chord, to the 3rd in the case of C major.

For the Dadd11 we add the 5th when hammering, the open E that happens from the pull off creates the unique Dadd9add11 chord.

By simply imagining the scale shape and then counting up to the added notes of a chord, you can work out the name for any chord like this.

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