Spytunes re launch!

We made it!

After many months of hard work we have transferred Spy Tunes to a completely new system.

Now you can do so much more when interacting with other members!

For example; you can start a group on whatever topic you like and invite your Spy Tunes friends to join this group and post topics that you are interested in.

This is what I always wanted Spy Tunes to be about: You learning guitar!

To help me get to this stage I have had help from Fresh Egg, a local internet company who have been amazingly patient with my ideas.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say: Thank You!

What happens now?

The question I get the most from users is: Where do I start?

I deliberately designed the Conspiracy and Spy Tunes so it would be a self study course; you set your own goals and to a large extent pick what songs you want to learn, or more importantly; learn from!

During the last 3 years I have as well as writing, recording and filming material that you can learn from also been studying you.

Through forum posts, emails and web cam lessons I have learned so much about You guys.

There is a massive difference teaching someone guitar if you actually are in the same room as the person learning. the main one being that I then can play with you. Even though technology has come on leaps and bounds it is still not possible to have a jam over the internet.

To not hear you play as much as I have wanted has been the most difficult part. You see, what someone says about guitar and what they can actually do are often two very different things. Many important details get lost in translation so to speak.

I have had great success with the theory part, the understanding of music in general and on the fretboard in particular has been amazing to see. This was definitely one of my main goals, and the one that I probably spent most time on. Guitar Conspiracy readers, you know who you are!

I’ve seen your technique develop through the chromatic exercises with fantastic results after only a couple of weeks.

Honestly, in many ways you are miles ahead of were you would have been with traditional studies. This really has been what has kept me going through the rough times, I have seen some incredible results from you!

So my quest of you learning guitar carries on and my next mission is to launch a course that literally takes you by the hand and guides you through the material of all eBooks. You’ll find this guitar course here.

Ultimately, this means that you can lead your busy life as usual, come to Spy Tunes, sit down for half an hour to an hour and just get on with it.

Here’s to the future of you understanding the guitar and music, here’s to you learning guitar!

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I have made up my mind: You Can Learn Guitar!
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  1. malc

    I have been trying to learn guitar and understand music and this is definatly the place to come to the Conspiracy is the way forward thanks .malc

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