Spytunes student learn guitar in a year and a half

Just had an email from one of our members who has been with Spy Tunes for a year and a half now.

This is what she has to say.

Dear Dan and Spytuners,

I wish to share with you something really nice that has just happened. In a large way I credit this to Dan and The Guitar Conspiracy.

I’ve not studied music formally (although I have had the usual high school exposure), never sat a music exam, and never auditioned as a guitar/songwriter.  I only really seriously got into the guitar June last year when a few months later I found The Guitar Conspiracy (I had had the odd lesson here and there before though).

It totally opened my eyes about the guitar and music in general.  I knew I was onto something special and was inspired and committed to test this new ‘system’ and way of thinking.

Because of taking myself through the self paced Guitar Conspiracy program, my teachers pretty much left me to my own devices and mostly played songs with me to practice technique and groove (which has been just as valuable).

Armed pretty well with only my knowledge gained from and application of The Guitar Conspiracy (and a little extra reading here and there), I recently auditioned for a music course, ‘competing’ against 100s of people I assume have been doing this for ages or who have most likely undertaken ‘formal’ studies.

I had to audition, attend an interview, produce a folio, do a theory and aural test.

Because of Spytunes and some very supportive teachers (they know who the are), I’ve was offered a place!

I just thought I needed to go through the process for experience, but it is surprising how this validates the time I’ve put in over the past year+ with The Conspiracy.

This is even more noteworthy and rewarding because plenty of times I’ve felt discouraged and struggled with motivation partly because I haven’t had anyone to jam with (just the Spytunes videos), and other times because I felt I just didn’t get something.

But the Spytunes community rallied around me when I asked for help and posted some very encouraging comments – just when I needed it.

And you know what else?  I haven’t even finished going through The Guitar Conspiracy!  I’ve some beginner stuff I should go back too, some advanced stuff I haven’t even looked at and many an intermediate thing I need to reinforce.

So I can only guess what other improvements are in store if I keep pushing ahead.


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7 thoughts on “Spytunes student learn guitar in a year and a half

  1. Jan Outshoorn

    This will help me and others to go through, even if any progress seems to lack. Just a year and a half!! I thought, as you were helping and advising on the old forum you were a very experienced and skilled player. Respect.

  2. Nal

    Humbly, thank you so much for your kind words.

    In a way, you people are a part of this too. Helping others has helped me in addition to asking for help myself (which at different times you have all offered).

    You know, before June last year I only sort of knew these chords:
    E, Em, A, Am, D, G, C and the Es and As as bar chords.

    Even as late as August last year I didn’t understand anything about theory. Sure I knew that the notes on the staff were FACE and EGBDF, but that’s it. I saw a music teacher in June and played the basic songs I wrote, and boy was it scrappy. But she was encouraging and played so beautifully herself that it was inspiring.

    Hey ah, a few 1st attempt highlights from my diary:

    Spyders: 5th Oct 2009
    Connecting chords: 22nd Oct 2009
    Pent scales COF: 13 Aug 2009
    Pent scale connected: 6 Nov 2009
    Rhythm: 1st Nov 2009
    Advanced chords: March 2010
    Arpeggios: 7 April 2010
    Chords in a key: 13 August 2010
    Major scale COF: 16 August 2010
    Minor scale COF: 5 Sept 2010
    Master Chords prog: 7 Sept 2010
    Big chords/Master chords: Nov 2010

    Hope I read my entries correctly.

    Crazy huh?

    I just milked every picture and every explanation guru wrote. There is a surface layer to it, then a deeper meaning, and then ironically the deeper meaning points you right back at the simple layer again and it just ‘fits’.

    Time for me to step out of the spot light for a bit I think.

    Take care peoples.

    1. Allan

      I am where you were last August and starting Spyders, but you have helped me move into the conspiracy with more understanding, and I am glad to be on the receiving end of what seems tireless help. Thank you.

      1. Nal

        That’s nice to hear it has helped you. I thought it may be used for others. I think someone could certainly do it better and faster than me as I had many playing breaks along the way. One thing I suppose I did do though was to keep refreshing the concepts. So if I wasn’t playing, I might have re read the chords section. I think that made the doing a little easier.

        I have also aimed for quality not quantity. I don’t do the spyders super fast etc, but I hope I play them accurately and in the right spirit.

        I’d say the other exercises are the same.

        On that note I feel I need to refresh the major pentatonic shapes because I don’t always clearly see the shapes when I do the major scale. Learning from the past I know I need to look that in so it’s useful.

        That’s my brain dump for the night :)



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