The Life Of Riley

Life Of RIleyNew documentary about B.B King out now!

I’ve seen many documentaries and films based on artists life.

‘Ray’, the story of Ray Charles or ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ about Tina Turner first coming to mind.

I’ve also read a lot of biographies, Eric Clapton, Slash being two that I felt really taught me a lot.

I love these films and books, they all give an insight into an artists life and in my opinion, all musicians should read these books and watch these films.

So when I heard that B.B King: The Life Of Riley was out I wasted no time, I had to see it as B.B is one of my biggest heroes.

B.B King: The Life Of Riley

Riley B. King is without a doubt one of the most influential singers, band leaders and guitar players the world has ever seen.

The documentary is narrated by Morgan Freeman but we also hear from Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Bono and many of B.B’s band members, producers and friends.

Here’s some of my favorite quotes from the film:

“And I was thinking about it…. You’re walking about 30 miles a day, 6 days a week… 6 months out of the year. So multiply that by 18 years. I walked around the world.” -B.B King

“Take into consideration, that there may be a great deal of pain” -Bill Cosby

Old B.B King band

Old B.B King band

“No matter how many bands he goes through, this will always be the B.B King band” -old B.B King band members

“Listen to Live at the Regal and every note, every word, every song, every thing is a perfect flawless diamond” – Carlos Santana

“You know I felt we were really popular at the time, #1 records, on the cover of Time Magazine, I gave it my absolute everything I had in that howl. And then B.B King opened his mouth and I felt like a little girl” -Bono

“I’m no good with chords so what we do is get somebody else to play chords” -B.B King

“I’m horrible with chords” -B.B King

Eric Clapton remembers B.B

Eric Clapton remembers B.B King playing Acoustic Guitar

And my favorite is when B.B made an album with Eric Clapton (Riding with the King):

Eric Clapton: “So I thought the best thing to do is we go into a room with a couple of Acoustic Guitars to see what comes out”

B.B: “Everything was good except him trying to make me play Acoustic Guitar, I didn’t like that”

B.B then remembers playing Acoustic with Alexis Corner who “cut me to pieces” and vowed that: “I will never play another one as long as you’re alive!”

B.B continues: “But Alexis is dead now so let’s try it again. Eric then “cut me to pieces” as well so I won’t do that again.

B.B King: The Life of Riley on Amazon!

I’m sure you could find a streamed version of this film but don’t do that. Considering how much B.B King has done for the world of music, why not buy this DVD?

I will not get anything from you clicking on this particular link, I just think you should buy it. If anyone has earned that, it’s B.B.

Here’s the link to amazon: B.B King: The Life Of Riley.

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