Weak Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Weak by Skunk Anansie!

In this first video we did with Ace he talks you through Skunk Anansie’s monster hit Weak.

In an attempt to make Weak sound like an acoustic song, Ace changed some chords shapes on the neck, creatively experimenting with what sounded good.

The shapes he came up with are really clever and should give you an indication of what intervals work in this style of music.

Ace use the same C shaped D chord in the verse as he did in Picking On Me, and the variations on the theme of VI – V – IV progression continue.

 Weak Chord Extensions

The Em chord has been modified into a power chord version of E using the notes:

E – E – B – E – B – E, we get a “12 string sounding” chord with all those E’s and B’s resonating against each other.

The bridge section use a very clever Em9 chord where the b7 and 9th are to be found on top of your Em shape.

Compare this in Chordacus to the Em shaped Aeolian scale.

Notice how if we changed the root to a G, we would get a Gmaj7.

A maj7 might have been a bit too jazz for the skunk environment so by going for Em9 we just get a hint of Pink Floyd in there, very nice.

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