Young Girl Kills The Guitar

Young girl plays guitar really, really fast!

A video named Young Girl Kills The Guitar has started to circulate on Facebook.

Is it real or fake? Is this the next big guitar viral?

Who is this girl?

Join the conversation on facebook to find out more. I know I will!

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6 thoughts on “Young Girl Kills The Guitar

  1. Ali

    Obviously, she has some good hand eye coordination going on there, but at one point the thing that sounds like an electric cello, through out, keeps playing while her hands stop…what gives?

  2. Roy

    Awesome and cute at the same time lol. I applaud when childeren play at a young age the guitar. That’s how real talent is being born. darn she is fast and easily can see she got feeling for music. Keep it up little girl! ; )
    My compliments for the teacher too!

  3. oldrockmustard

    It’s an old video…I subscribe them on youtube. There are several children, all playing rock, from a rock school in UK. Very cool!


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