Youtube finally pay for artists work

It took over 5 years but Youtube have now finally got their act together and signed a deal with the NMPA and HPA.

The deal means that if you record a cover song and upload to Youtube, the artist who wrote it will get paid.

You can read the full story here about the youtube copyright deal.

Spytunes on Youtube

In march this year, the account spytunestunes, which contained all of our songs was shut down after three “strikes” by Sam Cooke, Six Pence None The Richer and Jimi Hendrix representatives.

The account was at one point the third most viewed guru account in the U.K receiving over 25.000 plays per day.

Spytunes have contacted Youtube about switching us back on again now that we all agree but haven’t had a reply.

Good News

The good news is that at least now we can do this, we and you, can record a song, upload to youtube and share it with each other.

We can do this without getting shut down.

In hindsight it is off course obvious that all we do when we do this is to promote music, how that was ever wrong in the first place is still beyond me, but there you go, we got there in the end!

This is really good news since I have over 200 new songs waiting to get recorded for electric guitar!

To me it feel as if after over 4 years of struggle it is finally all coming together!

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