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I’ve just started to rewrite the intermediate course, it’s all about getting as much out of one concept as possible.

Like, how many ways to fret a chord shape or playing scales using different patterns, stuff like that.

This and a recent comment in the community about more explanations, or perhaps deeper learning, of a song in the video lessons got me thinking.

Learn Spy Tunes songs note for note

The new TAB group has had a lot of members signing up, so it seems to me like some of you guys want to learn Spy Tunes acoustic guitar songs, just like I play them.

Now, if you are a conspiracy reader then you know that I don’t believe in copying, I prefer a more free and improvised approach and aim to teach a bit more vague, using ideas of what you could play rather than the “this is exactly how it’s done” approach.

To make a long story short, to me, there is much more value in the numbers of the chord progression and an understanding of the song than what lick to play in a specific section.

So some TAB members might have been disappointed with some of my TAB charts which only show half the truth so to speak.

Why never note for note?

The thing is, my heroes, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton etc don’t play like that, the recording is just one version and it didn’t come from a specific part, it came from experimentation, improvisation and adjusting to all other instruments.

I realised this in my teens when I was learning to play guitar, that time when it all seemed impossible, a huge universe and TAB seemed like the only way.

I felt as if I could play a solo Hendrix recorded then I could play like Hendrix, off course this is not true, I could play Hendrix solos but I definitely couldn’t jam like the man!

When I realised this I stopped copying what one musician had happened to do on a specific occasion and started to adjust to what other musicians did that I played with.

So in the case of Spy Tunes songs I didn’t have a specific part for most of them, I had an understanding of the songs as in chords etc but how I played it was all down to how the singer sang it.

I was adjusting to them, I wasn’t thinking “what is my part”, because I didn’t have one!

However, this is off course not true when it comes to Blackbird or Wish You Were Here since these are one acoustic guitar classics, the part is there, just learn it.

But in general, to have you copying what I do is in my opinion chasing the wrong goal.

Saying that, if you enjoy memorising I’m not gonna stop you, it’s not a bad activity to engage in, maybe learning what I do first and then developing a version is what is best for you.

What I’m trying to say is that it wasn’t my intention to be copied, I was trying to get the idea out there, like, this is my version, what can you do, video response and we’ll all learn more.


A very important part of learning guitar is to transcribe what someone you like play, note for note. Write it down, analyse, memorise.

This is all good stuff and I really think you should be doing lots of this, I guess I just didn’t expect you to do this with my material…

So why am I writing this blog, what am I trying to say with all this?

Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

Well, there’s a cool website called where you can take a YouTube video and hit convert, out the other end comes an mp3 version which you can download and play in a media player.

I’ve done this with Ain’t No Sunshine as an example, find it here: Ain’t No Sunshine mp3.

If you use Amplitube or similar software you can loop a section and slow it down.

This way you can play along with just a few bars. Should it bee too hard, slow it down!

I do his all the time when I learn songs myself, it’s really handy.

I would expect you to do this with songs you learn in general, if you do it with one of my You Tube video versions I’d be very honoured, still would prefer a video response though ;)

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13 thoughts on “Youtube to Mp3

  1. Jonathan Scott

    I’ve been doing this with One More Cup of Coffee, even just changing what chord position I use etc on the fly, adds a bit of personality into what you’re playing…

    I have a personal hatred for learning other peoples’ songs… Not entirely sure why, something to do with the lack of creativity… That’s why I like being able to improvise so much. Much more natural and I can spin songs around a bit to keep myself entertained and feel more “involved” in the song!

      1. Guru Post author

        It’s good, you have come a long way!

        The maj7 extension on the G, as a D shape might be better as a dom7, or, that would be the diatonic way, although it is interesting, I like it!

        If you wanna keep the triad vibe, add a little finger on string two, that would be a D shaped power chord.

        But again, really good, great strumming!

        1. Jonathan Scott

          Cheers, I like playing a bit outside the norm :)

          I think it works a bit better to just be maj7 instead of dom because of the added 2nd (or 10th?) in the Am just before… Though making it dominant makes it move to Fmaj7 better… /shrug :)

          1. Guru Post author

            Yeah, it’s an interesting modification, your way goes:

            A G F# F E since F# is maj7 in G. If it’s a G7 instead you kind of keep that F, as a 7th, then a root.

            Strictly following the scale would mean G is chord V, always dom7.

            The 3rd of G is the #4 of F so that way it all makes sense (F being Lydian)

            Saying that, breaking rules can work, it makes it stand out more.

            I think I prefer a straight G and the an Fmaj7, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

            Try Gmaj7 on the other shapes and see how that feels.

            The difference from going to such a small shape is all ready a big difference, this might be why it doesn’t feel too weird.

          2. Jonathan Scott

            Playing the G in the A-shape, the maj7 sticks out a bit more… I think I still prefer it though…

            Perhaps it seems to work because the song is so far from C anyway, the only time it pops up is in the F… Possibly a different story with the melody over it!

          3. Guru Post author

            Yeah you should try it, work out the melody, play it over the chords, try both dom7 and maj7 behind it. Check all those intervals!

            There’s a good saying that comes to mind: Genius is attention to detail :-)

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