Spy Tunes Method

Spy Tunes GuruLearn Guitar with Spy Tunes Method!

Spy Tunes method of learning guitar starts with the Guitar Conspiracy. From this starting point you will map out the fretboard and can set your goals.

From here you can move on to specialist areas like Acoustic Finger Style Guitar or playing authentic solos on the Electric Guitar.

It will not matter what style of music you want to play, the rules of the Guitar Conspiracy are universal.

The Guitar ConspiracyThe eBooks

Spy Tunes offer 9 eBooks looking at all important aspects of guitar playing.

The eBooks cover everything from Eva Cassidy’s gentle picking to Tom Morello’s aggressive riffs to B.B. Kings Vibrato.

You will get detailed Practice Routines, TAB, extra videos and chord progression analysis of all songs, solos and exercises.

All eBooks come with life time free updates.

Beginner whiteThe Guitar Courses

If you want a step by step guide to learning the guitar, choose one of Spy Tunes’ Guitar Courses.

These are extremely affordable, weekly lessons. The courses will guide you through the eBooks and video lessons.

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Guitar Conspiracy