Intermediate Guitar Course


Intermediate Guitar Course

A step by step guitar course for only £1/week!

Spy Tunes Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course will step by step guide you through all the acoustic material covered in "Intermediate Guitar".


Every week you receive TWO new lessons. A lesson last between 30-60 minutes.

The course is 26 Weeks, by the time you have finished it you will have learned:

*23 Acoustic Songs
*How to play all Barred Chord shapes
*How to play Fractions of Barred Chords
*How to create 2nd guitar parts
*Minor Pentatonic scale shapes
*Major Pentatonic scale shapes
*How to extend to maj7, dom7 and min7
*How to build and play Finger Style patterns
*How to pick and strum at great speed
*How Chord Progressions work

Your intermediate guitar course will be delivered via email twice a week.

You Can Learn Guitar!

Price: £26.00

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