Intermediate Guitar Course


Intermediate Guitar Course

A 26 week step by step guitar course!

Spy Tunes Intermediate Guitar Course will step by step guide you through all the acoustic material covered in "Intermediate Guitar".


Every week you receive TWO new lessons. A lesson last between 30-60 minutes.

The course is 26 Weeks, upon completion you will have learned:

*23 Acoustic Songs
*How to play all Barred Chord shapes
*How to play Fractions of Barred Chords
*How to create 2nd guitar parts
*Minor Pentatonic scale shapes
*Major Pentatonic scale shapes
*How to extend to maj7, dom7 and min7
*How to build and play Finger Style patterns
*How to pick and strum at great speed
*How Chord Progressions work

Your intermediate guitar course will be delivered via email twice a week.

You Can Learn Guitar!

Price: $47.00

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