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Learn Guitar In 12 Steps

Learn Guitar in 12 steps! Step 1. Open Position Chords First we learn all Open Position Chords and put them to use with the beginner guitar songs. Step 2. Barre Chords Next we focus on learning all our barre chords and play more songs, both on the electric and the acoustic guitar. Step 3. Minor [...]

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How To Play Guitar part 2

How To Play Guitar video series, part 2! In this video I first talk about the open position chords becoming barre chords. As you learn how to do this using the cycle of 4ths exercise you will also learn the names of all the notes on the fret board. Simply call out the name of [...]

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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 2

Discover the secret to successful practice! Glad to see you are back, in this intermediate guitar lesson we are going to get down to the nitty-gritty and look at how to learn all barred chord shapes properly. Musicians who go through a phase of serious practice in their life always come to the same conclusion: [...]

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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 1

Your first Intermediate Guitar Lesson! The beginner guitar lessons dealt with beginner songs and exercises, your main focus was: Get playing Start using a capo Basic chromatic exercises to a click Read about chord progressions Build second guitar parts This should have brought you to a place where you felt more comfortable with strumming and [...]

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