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A Spy Tunes Method Testimonial

Best Testimonial yet! There’s a new Guitar Conspiracy out, I’ve updated it. When I do this to one of the eBooks I always send it out to everyone who bought it, as a free update. Here’s one of the emails I had back from Frédéric: “Tanks a lot Guru, this is amazing. I will buy [...]

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Spytunes student learn guitar in a year and a half

Just had an email from one of our members who has been with Spy Tunes for a year and a half now. This is what she has to say. Dear Dan and Spytuners, I wish to share with you something really nice that has just happened. In a large way I credit this to Dan [...]

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Jazz Improvisation: Tonal and Rhythmic Principles

7 years ago the seed to Spytunes and The Guitar Conspiracy was sown. I had just arrived in the U.K, signed up to a music college and decided that this time I was gonna “lock myself in the shed” as they say and stay there until I got it. I was struggling understanding music as [...]

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Spytunes re launch!

After many months of hard work we have transferred Spytunes to a completely new system.

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Guru Interview with Guitarist Nation

Guru Interview with Guitarist Nation! Todd Wales from Guitarist Nation called me up a few weeks ago, Todd runs Guitarist Nation.com. Being a guitar site that picks the best of what’s around, find general news etc, Todd has been through a lot of Guitar material and found the Guitar Conspiracy after suspecting that TAB was [...]

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