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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 5

A change is gonna come, if you keep changing those chord shapes! In the last few intermediate guitar lessons we learned how to play sections of barred minor chords and barred major chords. In intermediate guitar lesson 3, the song was I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and the key might have been a bit unfamiliar, [...]

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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 1

Your first Intermediate Guitar Lesson! The beginner guitar lessons dealt with beginner songs and exercises, your main focus was: Get playing Start using a capo Basic chromatic exercises to a click Read about chord progressions Build second guitar parts This should have brought you to a place where you felt more comfortable with strumming and [...]

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Weak Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Weak by Skunk Anansie! In this first video we did with Ace he talks you through Skunk Anansie’s monster hit Weak. In an attempt to make Weak sound like an acoustic song, Ace changed some chords shapes on the neck, creatively experimenting with what sounded good. The shapes he came up [...]

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Picking On Me Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play Picking On Me from Ace himself in this video lesson! In this video guitar lesson, Ace himself talks you through how to play Skunk Anansie’s Picking On Me. This was a B-side and Skunk Anansie rarely played it live. The chords used are from the key of G or Em, using VI [...]

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Hedonism Skunk Anansie Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Ace demonstrate how to play Hedonism In the video, Ace talks you through the chords of this song. At first, they might seem new, and difficult to pick out what roman numerals could be paired with such a progression. This is due to a few different factors, first of all it’s about key signatures, Fm, [...]

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