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Guru Interview with Guitarist Nation

Guru Interview with Guitarist Nation! Todd Wales from Guitarist Nation called me up a few weeks ago, Todd runs Guitarist Nation.com. Being a guitar site that picks the best of what’s around, find general news etc, Todd has been through a lot of Guitar material and found the Guitar Conspiracy after suspecting that TAB was [...]

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Ain’t No Sunshine, a rhythmical deconstruction

A Rhythmical Deconstruction of Ain’t No Sunshine! Ain’t no Sunshine was Bill Withers first single, it quickly became a well known track. Ain’t no sunshine is a soul classic that has become a ‘standard’ among working musicians the world over. As a guitarist you might be expected to know this tune should you ever play [...]

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How Stairway To Heaven use modes

Stairway To Heaven, a modal masterpiece! Stairway To Heaven, the most unlikely hit of all time. No other tune has been requested more on the radio in the U.S.A. Before we dive into the modal works of this tune let’s look at all the reasons for why this shouldn’t have been a hit! The vocal [...]

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How to play I’m Yours by Jason Mraz SpyTunes version

How to play I’m Yours The aim of this blog is to explain how it is important to understand what you are doing when playing guitar, rather than memorizing a piece and repeating it using muscle memory. Before we begin, let’s have a look at Spy Tunes version of I’m Yours so we know what [...]

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