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How To Play Guitar part 3

How To Play Guitar video series, part 3! In this part of the How To Play Guitar series I talk about how to turn pentatonic shapes into modal shapes. This means that those open position chords you all ready know turned into barre chords, which turned into pentatonic shapes and now modes. You have built [...]

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The Major Scale

Sheet music is based on the Major Scale! In the last bloq we learned about overtones and how these ended up creating a scale we today call Lydian. Thousands of years later we ended up with the major scale and it is from here that sheet music enters. Sheet music itself is based on these [...]

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Every note has Overtones Every note created by a string (as discussed in how many notes in an octave?) not only has the note you hear, it also has harmonic overtones. These natural overtones of a note are the 3rd and 5th of that original note. This means that, should you have three strings playing: [...]

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Triad Substitution

Substitute that triad! This is a guitar lesson about how to substitute triads when soloing. If you feel that this is all over your head but want to find out more, please visit these links before you attempt the lesson. Major Arpeggios Minor Arpeggios Chords around major scale What is a mode? A fresh read [...]

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Playing Modally

What do people mean when they say play modally? Following on from my last blog about Guthrie Govan scales I’d like to clear a few things up about what it means to “play modally”. I see a lot of communication breakdown over this so I thought I’d share some light on what playing modally is [...]

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