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Learn Guitar In 12 Steps

Learn Guitar in 12 steps! Step 1. Open Position Chords First we learn all Open Position Chords and put them to use with the beginner guitar songs. Step 2. Barre Chords Next we focus on learning all our barre chords and play more songs, both on the electric and the acoustic guitar. Step 3. Minor [...]

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How To Play Guitar part 4

How To Play Guitar video series part 4! In this final part of the How To Play Guitar video series I take a super simple I – VI – II – V progression and apply the modes accordingly. The I chord would have Ionian, the VI chord Aeolian, the II chord Dorian and the V [...]

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Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons – Intro As a guitar player you might have learned open position chords, the minor pentatonic and maybe even the major pentatonic scale shapes. If so, you are at the classic next barrier of starting to practice the modes and arpeggios. Up until now you didn’t really need music theory at any [...]

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Picking Technique

Picking Technique Dilemmas I get a lot of private messages that turn into long, interesting discussion through Spy Tunes community and via email, more so than public questions in the forum actually. These discussions can be anything from: what guitar to buy, to modes, arpeggios to practice routine recommendations. These discussions has led both my [...]

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Guitar Modes

Guitar Modes Demonstrated! For those of you who have completed the beginner guitar course and learned all your minor and major pentatonic scales you usually face this hurdle: Shall I now start practicing arpeggios or modes and by the way, what is a mode? Move with the chords The idea of playing guitar using modes [...]

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