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The Stave and the Clef

The clef on the stave is not set in stone! For those of you who just can’t stop asking yourself: but why?!?, might have looked at the stave in the last couple of music theory lessons and said: Why is C on a ledger line? What does the clef actually mean? Aren’t there other clefs [...]

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Tones and Semitones

Tones and Semitones describe scales! Instead of seeing all intervals in relation to the root we can take our seven notes and look at the distance from one to the next. This is described in intervals of Tones and Semitones, or Whole steps and Half steps if you are American, not English. Describing the major [...]

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Every note has Overtones Every note created by a string (as discussed in how many notes in an octave?) not only has the note you hear, it also has harmonic overtones. These natural overtones of a note are the 3rd and 5th of that original note. This means that, should you have three strings playing: [...]

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Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons – Intro As a guitar player you might have learned open position chords, the minor pentatonic and maybe even the major pentatonic scale shapes. If so, you are at the classic next barrier of starting to practice the modes and arpeggios. Up until now you didn’t really need music theory at any [...]

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