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Welcome to Spy Tunes

Spy Tunes is a learn guitar website dedicated to teaching you how to play the guitar, understand music and learn songs at the same time.

Studying some of the greatest songs composed over the last century, we discover how the building blocks of music can be understood using chord progressions, arpeggios, and scales.

Learning songs on a deeper level like this will enable you to improvise, arrange and even write songs on the guitar.

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Step by step guitar courses

These lessons will guide you through every exercise and song using complete TAB, video lessons, and in-depth explanations.

Every lesson consist of an easy to follow, two-step 30-60 minute guitar lesson. From your first open position chord to substituting arpeggios when you improvise a solo.

244 step by step lessons and counting – We add a new lesson every week and a new song every month!

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Step by step guitar courses

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