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Close To You

Chords and fingerstyle arrangement

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Close To You chords

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How to play Close To You

Carpenters ‘Close To You’ was written by Burt Bacharach so we are in for some clever chordal movement!

Starting off with an Asus2 chord, Bacharach cleverly disguises where the key center is since a sus2 chord could be almost any of the seven chords from a key.

When the next chord enters a semitone below it is clear to the eagled-eyed key center enthusiast that the first chord was in fact chord IV.

In the video lesson, there’s a capo on fret three and the key you’re hearing is G. Because of the capo, you think of this as if in the key of E.

Chord progression

The full verse chord progression (thinking in the key of E major) is:

| Asus2 | G#m | G#m7 | C#m | Aadd9 | Aadd9 | E | E |

The verse is taking six bars to reach the E chord and resolve, very clever.

Also, notice the difference between the Asus2 and Aadd9, the latter has a 3rd.

Take the advanced guitar course to learn more about the chords in ‘Close To You’.

There’s full TAB available of what happens in the video, including the solo section.

Close To You fingerstyle technique

Similar to ‘Over The Rainbow‘, ‘Close To You’ is played in the way that a classical guitarist would play, using a floating right-hand technique.

With the use of rakes (strumming a chord quickly one note after another) this song works great on just one guitar.

Keeping the tempo loose, leaving time for the singer to come back in, makes the verse even better. Providing a steady rhythm for the chorus gives that approach a nice contrast.

You get all the TAB and explanations you could possibly need to play ‘Close To You’ when you take the advanced course.

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