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About Over The Rainbow

Originally featured in the blockbuster movie ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ and written by Harold Arlen, the gorgeous ‘Over The Rainbow’ was voted #1 song of the last century by several prolific organizations.

Spy Tunes recorded the Eva Cassidy version of the song which didn’t become famous until after her death.

In Eva’s version, there is an intricate picking pattern and elaborate chord extensions which gently move the listener from one chord to the next. This creates a similar effect to that of the original orchestral arrangement.

This video lesson is a replica of Eva’s arrangement.

Chord progression

The chord movement of the chorus includes some classic variations such as I7 and IVm but it is the extensions that crave most of our attention.

It is actually in a different key but using a capo, think of it like this:

| Gadd9 | Em I Bm7 | G7 |

| C | Cm7 | Gadd9 | G7 Am7 G/B |

| C | Cm7 | Gadd9 G/F# | Em |

|Am7 D7 | D7sus4 D/F# | Gadd9 | Am7 D/F# |

There are plenty of movements to discuss in that section. To go deep, take the advanced course where we pick the arrangement apart, including full TAB for every section of the song.

Eva Cassidy’s guitar style

Eva Cassidy’s guitar style is heavily inspired by classical guitar techniques. A gentle and floating right-hand technique is preferable.

Using almost counterpoint movements, we never feel as if anything sudden happens in the arrangement. This approach relaxes the listener and moves the focus to the elaborate vocal melody.

Take the advanced course and you get four lessons on how to play and arrange like Eva does in ‘Over The Rainbow’.

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