Sunshine Of Your Love

Sunshine Of Your Love

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Sunshine Of Your Love chords

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How to play Sunshine Of Your Love

Spy Tunes’ version of ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ is a combination of Cream‘s original and Spanky Wilson‘s cover.

Using the main riff as a starting point, the I chord has sometimes been extended to a dom7#9.

Spanky’s version uses this and since it is Jimi Hendrix’s signature chord, and Jack Bruce wrote this tune on the back of an early Hendrix gig in London, I thought I’d keep that in.

As you watch the video lesson, can you see how the riff uses the Blues scale (a Minor Pentatonic, with an added b5)?

Variations on a 12 Bar

‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ is a great example of a tune that can be easily jammed with a band.

Rather than the traditional ‘V to IV’ movement of your average 12 bar blues, ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ stays on the V chord much longer than usual before it returns to chord I.

To build the tension over this V chord, I move up through different shapes of the chord.

To keep the arrangement interesting, the shapes are varied slightly every time the chord appears.

This type of approach is more likely to keep a song alive compared with using muscle memory and strict parts. It also makes it more fun to jam with friends.

Sunshine Of Your Love in the course

As with all songs, you’ll get complete TAB for everything that happens in the video lessons when you take the course. But we won’t stop there, you’ll also learn how to improvise over ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ when you take the advanced guitar course.

Using the blues scale as well as Mixolydian, I’ll show you how a blues/rock solo can easily be constructed using scales.

This means you won’t just learn the actual tune itself, you will also learn from the tune!

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