Dom7 Arpeggios

Learn how to play dom7 arpeggios

Five dom7 arpeggio shapes

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A7 arpeggios in all shapes

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Is the dom7 arpeggio the most useful arpeggio?

The most obvious place to play a dom7 arpeggio would be over the V chord as it is the only chord that naturally extends to dom7.

However, whenever a chord has moved from a minor (II, III and VI) into a major chord (IIx, IIIx and VIx) it is usually extended to a dom7, rather than maj7.

No matter what the roman numeral, whenever the chord is a dom7, you can use a dom7 arpeggio to improvise with.

As the dom7 chord shapes look very similar to the arpeggio shapes, learning all five isn’t actually that difficult.

D7 arpeggios in all shapes

Once you can play each shape as the video lessons demonstrate, try them in D as well.

Here are five video lessons demonstrating this, setting you on a path to go through all keys using the cycle of 4th.

In the advanced course, we actually take this concept all the way around the cycle of 4th.

So after A7 and D7, we continue with G7, C7, F7 etc.

As well as going through the full cycle, we also vary the rhythm and of course, play them in songs as we improvise solos.

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