Maj7 Arpeggios

Learn how to play maj7 arpeggios

Five maj7 arpeggio shapes

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Amaj7 arpeggios in all shapes

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Use the maj7 arpeggio over chord I and IV

In the first playlist, you’ll find video lessons demonstrating how to play all Amaj7 arpeggio shapes. You can use this arpeggio whenever you play over chord I or IV.

Even though it’s rare, the maj7 chord does sometimes appear in other places than over chord I and IV, should this be the case you could then apply the maj7 arpeggio. In fact, whenever there is a maj7 chord, the maj7 arpeggio will work.

In order to use the maj7 arpeggio as you solo or write it is essential that you learn it in all shapes and keys.

With this in mind, here are five video lessons demonstrating how to play the maj7 arpeggios in D as well.

Dmaj7 arpeggios in all shapes

The five video lessons demonstrate how to play all Dmaj7 arpeggios, setting you on a path to go through all keys using the full cycle of 4th.

To completely nail the maj7 arpeggio shapes, you must continue through the cycle. So after Amaj7 and Dmaj7, continue with Gmaj7, Cmaj7, Fmaj7 etc.

A great way to expand on the exercise is to vary the rhythm you practise with.

In the advanced course we do this, as well as improvise with it.

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