Min7 Arpeggios

Learn how to play min7 arpeggios

Five arpeggios shapes

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Am7 arpeggios in all shapes

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If you know the Minor Pentatonic, you already know the min7 arpeggio

The easiest arpeggio shapes to learn are the min7. This is because of how they are almost identical to the Minor Pentatonic scale shapes.

As you practice the five shapes, look for connections between the chord – Minor Pentatonic – arpeggio.

All arpeggio shapes must be learned just like you learned the barre chords, the pentatonic scales, and the modes. You must start slowly and work your way through all the shapes and keys using the cycle of 4th.

Start with the Am7 arpeggios as demonstrated in the first playlist. When you can play them, move on to playing them all as Dm7 arpeggios.

Dm7 arpeggios in all shapes

These five video lessons demonstrate how to play all Dm7 arpeggios, setting you on a path to go through all keys using the full cycle of 4th.

To completely nail the min7 arpeggio shapes, continue through the cycle. So after Am7 and Dm7, continue with Gm7, Cm7, Fm7 etc.

A great way to develop these exercises is to vary the rhythm you practice with.

In the advanced course, we do this as well as improvise with the arpeggio shapes.

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