Min7b5 Arpeggios

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Am7b5 arpeggios in all shapes

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The min7b5 arpeggio is very important to know, it belongs to the VII chord and can consequentially be used whenever the VII chord is played.

The mode for the VII chord is Locrian, a very difficult mode to phrase well with. Since the min7b5 chord is so complex sounding it is rarely used for more than a bar so the arpeggio is a better solution than the full scale anyway.

You can also substitute the VII arpeggio over the V chord, creating a dom9 sounding arpeggio. You’ll learn more about this in the master course.

Before you go that far, first learn each individual shape on its own.

Dm7b5 arpeggios in all shapes

Compared with the other 7th note arpeggios, the min7b5 is the most difficult to learn.

Because of the b5, the notes don’t line up on the fretboard as easily as the other arpeggios. Also, the sound is pretty put there!

But this is also what is so great about it. When you add in a solo it tends to pop out and add tension.

My favourite way to use the min7b5 arpeggio is to substitute it over a dom7 chord.

I’ll tell you more about this in the advanced guitar course.

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