Advanced Rhythmical Exercises


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Fifteen advanced strumming exercises

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I think the material is excellent. I’ve benefited so much. I’ve now begun to improvise with some confidence and have written songs that feel authentic. I can now develop musically in a broad and rich way. Your work has illuminated an exciting path forward.– Roger

These rhythmical exercises are the same as the intermediate 16th note rhythmical exercises, but here they change chords.

As all the advanced rhythmical exercises are at 16th note pace, your right hand has to move at this pace throughout in order for you to stay in time.

It is vital that you play the patterns with the exact ‘up and down’ strokes the videos suggest and also that you practise to a click, pushing the BPM.

In the video lessons, I use dom9 chords, but any chords would work. After completing the exercises, change them into whatever other chords you like.

In the advanced guitar course, you study rhythms as you learn songs but there are also plenty of exercises similar to these that will further strengthen your rhythm playing.

No matter if you play a song or an exercise, remember, rhythmical symbols are easy to translate to ‘up and down’ strokes. Keep that pendulum movement going and you can’t fail.

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