The Mixolydian mode belongs to the V chord

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A Mixolydian scale shapes

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Mixolydian is the 5th mode and consequentially used over chord V.

You can also use the Mixolydian mode when chord II has been changed into a major chord. As a roman numeral that’s a IIx chord.

For a guitarist, the easiest way to build the Mixolydian mode is from the Major Pentatonic, like this:

Major Pentatonic:12356

To lear how to play Mixolydian, you must first go through all shapes one by one, then connect them as well as take them through the cycle of 4th.

As you already know the Major Pentatonic and only need to add two notes to each shape, this won’t take long.

Connect Mixolydian scale shapes

The video lesson below demonstrates what it would look like to connect all Mixolydian shapes in the key of A.

When you can do this, transpose the concept to D, G, C, F and all other keys using the cycle of 4th.

Make sure you get all the shapes right by playing slowly at first, without a set rhythm and click.

When you feel confident, try triplets to a click.

In the advanced course, we expand on this exercise in several ways. For example, we change the rhythm you play it in.

Cycle of 4th

This exercise takes the Mixolydian mode and runs it through the cycle of 4th. Your ability to play this exercise is a good indication of how well you know your Mixolydian scale shapes.

If you struggle with a specific shape, go back and practise that shape again.

The full pattern moves like this:

A Mixolydian – E shape, D Mixolydian – A shape, G Mixolydian – D shape, C Mixolydian – G shape, F Mixolydian – C shape.

Next, start the pattern again in Bb using an E shape.

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