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See the 7th note Chords, arpeggios and modes in each key

Understanding the SWS

As you discovered in the intermediate sws, you can organise your fretboard by deciding on the key and shape for chord I.

Here at the advanced SWS, we expand this concept to include the arpeggios and modes as well.

For example, chord I in the key of D as a C shape starts at fret 5, string 5.

Using the advanced SWS application below, you can extend this chord to a maj7, turn it into a maj7 arpeggio or an Ionian mode.

Furthermore, all other chords in this key and ‘position’ are available. For example, chord III would be the F#m in an Em shape. The mode would be Phrygian.

In the advanced guitar course, you learn how to play and apply all these concepts at the same time as you learn songs.

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