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Rewind chords

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About Rewind

‘Rewind’ is a single from Paolo Nutini‘s first album ‘These Streets’. The simple chord progression hides a few extensions and variations, adding colour and tension.

Arranged for just one guitar, it is perhaps the strumming pattern, with its many upstrokes that are the most difficult to learn.

In this first video lesson, you’ll see how to play the entire song, including all chords on just one acoustic guitar.

Chord progression

Here are the chords for the intro/verse.

| C Cadd9 | C Cadd9 | F Fadd9 | F Fadd9 |

The pre-chorus uses two chords from outside the key, the E should have been an Em and the Dm should have been a D.

| E | Dm |

The chorus/outro sections use the standard I – V – VI – IV progression, same as ‘I’m Yours’ and another hundred (at least) hits.

| C | G | Am | F | x2

The m8 is a variation on the bridge progression, a classic VI chord with a falling bass line progression.

| Dm | E | Am Am/G | Am/F Am/E | | Dm | E | G | G |

How to understand Advanced Chords

A few extensions, variations, and slash chords are to be found in ‘Rewind’, let’s go over them one by one.

  • Cadd9 – This is a C chord with an added 9th, the 9th (a D) is on string two, fret 3
  • Fadd9 – This is an F chord with an added 9th, the 9th (a G) is on the open third string
  • E – This is a variation. From the key of C, this should have been an Em
  • Am/G – This is an Am chord, with the note G in the bass. G is not part of an Am
  • Am/F – This is an Am chord, with the note F in the bass. F is not part of an Am
  • Am/E – This is an Am chord, with the note E in the bass. E is the 5th of an Am

You get the full lesson on how to play ‘Rewind’ with a complete TAB chart when you take the beginner course.

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