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Rewind is a single from Paolo Nutini‘s first album These Streets. The simple chord progression hides a few extensions and variations, adding color and tension.

Arranged for just one guitar, it is perhaps the strumming pattern, with its many upstrokes that are the most difficult to learn.

In the last video in the playlist above, you’ll see how to play the entire song, including all chords on just one acoustic guitar.

In the course, you’ll first learn this before moving on to building a 2nd guitar part. When you play this with me and the singer, we’ll sound like a band.

Chord progression

Here are the chords for the intro/verse. I play this with a capo oin fret 2. The original is without a capo.

| C Csus2 | C Csus2 | F Fsus2 | F Fsus2 |

The pre-chorus use a chord from outside the key, the E should have been an Em.

| E | Dm |

The chorus/outro sections use the standard I – V – VI – IV progression, same as I’m Yours and another hundred (at least) hits.

| C | G | Am | F | x2

The m8 is a variation on the bridge progression, a classic VI chord with a falling bass line progression.

| Dm | E | Am Am/G | Am/F Am/E |
| Dm | E | G | G |

Sus2, IIIX & Slash Chords

A few extensions, variations, and slash chords are to be found in Rewind, let’s go over them one by one.

  • Csus2 – This is a C chord with a sus2, the 2th (a D) is and open D string two, there is no 3rd in this chord
  • Fsus2 – This is an F chord with a sus2, the 2th (a D) is and open D string two, there is no 3rd in this chord
  • E – This is a variation, a IIIx chord. In the key of C, this should have been an Em
  • Am/G – This is an Am chord, with the note G in the bass. G is not part of an Am
  • Am/F – This is an Am chord, with the note F in the bass. F is not part of an Am
  • Am/E – This is an Am chord, with the note E in the bass. E is the 5th of an Am

Guitar Lessons

Rewind – Step 1

Today we start working on a new song as we learn Rewind by Paolo Nutini.

In this step, we focus on the chords and the progression. Just like in One More Cup Of Coffee, chord III has become IIIx.

Go to Rewind – Step 1.

Rewind – Step 2

To play this song using the same strumming patterns as I, practice along to the individual TAB loops.

If you practice all these, playing the entire song will become easy.

Go to Rewind – Step 2.

Rewind – Step 3

In this step, we play the complete song from beginning to end.

To help you along there’s a chart and a video of the complete song to play along with.

Go to Rewind – Step 3.

Rewind – Step 4

In this step, we remove the capo and find a 2nd guitar part using Dsus2 and Gadd9 for the verse.

When you play this along to the video with me and the singer(s), we’ll sound like a band.

Go to Rewind – Step 4.

Rewind – Step 5

In this final step, we play yet another 2nd guitar part. This time using a capo on fret 5.

After trying each section to the loops, play along with me and the singer(s) again.

Go to Rewind – Step 5.

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