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Robin Hood is a B-side that has become a fan favorite by British Indie band Ocean Colour Scene. The song uses a descending chord progression with only a few extensions and variations.

In the 2nd video of the playlist above, you’ll see how you can play the complete song, on just one acoustic guitar.

To get the TAB for what happens in the video and learn how to arrange a song like this, turn to the beginner course. Here you’ll first learn Robin Hood as I play it, then we invent a 2nd guitar part so we can play it together with the singer.

Chord progression


| G D/F# | Em D | C | Dsus4 D |


| G D | C D |

| G | D/F# | Em | A | C | Dsus4 | C | D |

| G D/F# | Em A | A |


| C | D | x2

| G D/F# | Em A |6/4 A |

| G D/F# | Em D | C | Dsus4 D Dsus4 | G |

Understanding chord extensions and variations

A few chords have been extended. First, the D/F# is a D chord with the 3rd of the chord (the F#) in the bass.

As the progression moves from GDEm, it makes sense to add the F# to the D as this creates a descending bass line of GF#E.

We also find a Dsus4. Sus4 means suspended 4th. To create this chord, replace the 3rd (an F#) with the 4th (a G).

One chord in the song is a variation, it’s the A (chord IIx) which should have been an Am (chord II). This A appears in the chorus and outro.

Guitar Lessons

Robin Hood – Step 1

Today we start working on a song that contains a new slash chord.

We touched on this as you played Redemption Song with the G/B, today we learn a D/F# as we play the verse from Robin Hood.

Go to Robin Hood – Step 1.

Robin Hood – Step 2

Today we keep exploring how to play Robin Hood by taking a close look at the chorus and turnaround which are more complicated than the verse.

We also look at the outro.

Go to Robin Hood – Step 2.

Robin Hood – Step 3

Today we play Robin Hood with a singer from beginning to end.

To make it easier to follow along, I’ve included a rhythm chart for you.

Go to Robin Hood – Step 3.

Robin Hood – Step 4

Today we create a 2nd guitar part for Robin Hood by changing the key to C and placing a capo on fret 7.

You’ll get TAB and loops for everything to set you up for the final step.

Go to Robin Hood – Step 4.

Robin Hood – Step 5

Keep that capo on fret 7 and join me and the singer to play Robin Hood.

There’s a chart that you can keep an eye on as you strum and pick your way through it, in an improvised way.

Go to Robin Hood – Step 5.

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