Talking About A Revolution

Talking About A Revolution on one Acoustic Guitar

Chords and strumming

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Talkning About A Revolution chords

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About Talking About A Revolution

‘Talking About A Revolution’ is a single from Tracy Chapman‘s hugely successful debut album. In a string of three hits, Tracy became world famous before you even turned the debut album over.

Using a super simple and often looped chord progressions, she wrote honest songs that sounded like they should be played on street corners and inspire real change.

In the video lesson, I’ve added a breakdown picking pattern just to mix things up a bit. This is a common trick when arranging for just one guitar, you have to put some dynamics in if you’re all on your own.

Chord progression

The chord progression for ‘Talking About A Revolution’ is very easy to remember as it only has four chords.

In the key of G we play the movement of IIVVIV. Translated to the key of G, with some extensions added, we get these chords:

||: G Cadd9 | Em D Dsus4 :||

This progression is played on a loop for the entire song.

In the course, we use video lessons, TAB, and loops to learn it exactly as played in the video lesson, but we don’t stop there!

Using a capo we also create a 2nd guitar part and by doing so not only learn the song, but also from the song.

Challenge yourself with Guitar Chord extensions

Tracy Chapman uses the extensions of add9 and sus4 to spice up the simple progression of GCEmD.

To create an add9 chord we add the interval 9. For a C chord, this is the note D. There’s a D on string two, fret three. Simply add this to your open position C chord and you have extended it to a Cadd9.

To create a sus4 chord we replace the 3rd of the chord with a 4th. For a D chord, this is the note G that replaced the F#. You find it on string one, fret three.

There are three in-depth lesson available for ‘Talking About A Revolution’ in the step by step course. They cover strumming patterns, picking, dynamics, 2nd guitar parts and more!

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