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The ten open position chords

Five major and five major chords

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Five open position major chords

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The open position chords hold the key to understanding the guitar fretboard

Study the five open position major chords carefully, they are the starting point and foundation for mapping out the guitar fretboard and understanding music.

You will, later on, turn them into barre chords, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, and modes. The open position chords literally hold the key to understanding the guitar fretboard.

In the beginner course, we dig deep to fully understand all of them, including possible small variations and what each and every interval actually is located.

When you can play them all, it’s easy to translate them to open position minor chords.

Five open position minor chords

To create the five open position minor chords we must find the third interval of each chord and move it down one fret.

  • E to Em – The third appear on string 3, move it to open string.
  • A to Am – The third appear on string 2, move it to fret one.
  • D to Dm – The third appear on string 1, move it to fret one.
  • G to Gm – This is complicated, see the video lesson for details.
  • C to Cm – The third appear on string 4, move it to fret one.

The beginner guitar course teaches you how to switch between these chords as you play songs and exercises.

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