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5 theory tools in one

The SWS combine five theory tools in one.

  1. Cycle Of 4th
  2. Cycle of 5th
  3. What chord belong to what key
  4. Parallel minor and major chords
  5. Roman numerals

You’ll learn how to use the SWS to its full potential when you study the chord progressions of famous songs in the beginner course.

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Find the key center and all chords with the SWS

Use this application to see what chords belong to which number in a key.

Here at beginner, only the keys of C and G are available. This is partly down to that these are the keys of the songs you learn in the beginner course. Mainly, however, it’s because these are the two keys that use almost only open position chords.

The main goal with the SWS is to see what number each chord gets. By thinking of chords as numbers (roman numerals), you lay the foundation for understanding music.

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