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10cc were influenced by Zappa and The Beatles


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Hailing from Stockport, 10cc are an English band that achieved their greatest commercial success during the 1970s.

With influences such as the late Beatles and Frank Zappa, 10cc was not your average middle of the road band. Similarly to Supertramp, 10cc was almost prog/rock/pop with long instrumental sections and lots of different styles mixed.

Hits include ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ and ‘I’m Not In Love’.

Dreadlock Holiday

‘Dreadlock Holiday’ was inspired by an experience that the singer of Moody Blues had as he went to Barbados.

Released on the album ‘Bloody Tourists’ in 1978, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ started its life as a chart hit. Since then, it has been played on the radio and in nightclubs the world over, becoming especially famous for the line “I don’t like cricket, I love it!”

10cc wasn’t a reggae band, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ was an exception to their repertoire.

The connection between the U.K and the Caribbean, both musically (with British record shops importing reggae and ska music already in the 70s) and in sports such as cricket was beautifully captured in the song ‘Dreadlock Holiday’.

The lyrics that refer to how the singer shouldn’t be mugged since he likes Cricket, have more to them than one might first think.

The Brits are very proud of their influence on the world musically and also with regards to their sports. Cricket, tennis, football, all of these games came from England.

Whether these historic values helped the Moody Blues singer when he traveled to Barbados remains uncertain.