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Bill Withers

Bill Withers is an American singer-songwriter who performed and recorded from the late 60s until the mid-80s.

After his debut in 1971, Bill Withers achieved three Grammy Awards and one NAACP Award for ‘Male Singer Of The Year’.

Some of his best-known songs include ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, ‘Use Me’, ‘Lovely Day’, ‘Lean on Me’, ‘Grandma’s Hands’ and ‘Just The Two Of Us’.

Many artists have covered Bill Withers hits. In fact, it would be hard to find a soul singer who hasn’t sung songs by him!

Ain’t No Sunshine was Bill Withers first B-side and hit!

‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ started its commercial life as the B-side of ‘Harlem’, Bill Withers’ first single in 1971.

Bill Withers was fortunate to have one of the most legendary music directors and producers around, Booker T Jones.

Jones had been around for a while and knew the secrets to good recordings. He recorded Bill’s debut album, Just As I Am, over just four three-hour sessions!

It didn’t take long for radio DJs to start playing the B-side of ‘Harlem’ and the following year ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ won a Grammy for Best Rhythm And Blues Song.

As the years go by, artists keep releasing their versions of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. First up was Michael Jackson who released ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ in 1972, enabling the song to chart two years in a row! In 1991 Paul McCartney released his version and two years later Eva Cassidy did the same.

‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ has firmly established itself as one of the most memorable songs of all time. It has been sung by most of the great artists and almost every covers band has covered it at some point!

Rolling Stone magazine ranked ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ at #280 on their list of Greatest Songs Of All Time.