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Damien Rice left his band, fled to Italy, wrote ‘O’

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I think the material is excellent. I’ve benefited so much. I’ve now begun to improvise with some confidence and have written songs that feel authentic. I can now develop musically in a broad and rich way. Your work has illuminated an exciting path forward.– Roger

Originally Rice was a member of Juniper, but on the evening of recording their first full album Rice changed his mind and left the band.

Rice moved to Italy to start afresh writing songs and busking his way around Europe.

Back in Ireland, Rice got in touch with David Arnold and together they recorded the album ‘O’ in ’02. This launched Damien Rice to the world and had the hit ‘Cannonball’ on it.

Since the release of ‘O’, Damien Rice has toured the world and shared stages with legends and peers.

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