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Matt Dennis started out in the Vaudeville tradition


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Matt Dennis

Being exposed to music from an early age with his parents both being professional musicians (mum played the violin, dad was a singer), Matt Dennis took to the piano, singing and arranging like a fish to water!

Performing with his family from an early age in the Vaudeville tradition, Matt got to know American showbiz before he even learned to read or write.

Among Matt Dennis’ most famous songs you can find ‘Everything Happens To Me’, ‘Will You Still Be Mine’ and ‘Angel Eyes’.

‘Angel Eyes’ was originally introduced in the motion picture, ‘Jennifer’ in 1953 and has since been attempted by many iconic figures.

Written by Matt Dennis and Earl Brent, it was made famous by being recorded by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, and Ray Charles as well as Duke Ellington and Wayne Shorter.

This collective effort is what earned ‘Angel Eyes’ the title – A Jazz Standard.