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Plain White T’s

Plain White T’s are an American pop/rock band who had the most success with their song ‘Hey There Delilah’, charting at #1 in many countries in 2007.

Using a very persistent marketing technique, ‘Hey There Delilah’ was pushed for over two years before it was finally #1.

In the end, ‘Hey There Delilah’ ended up carrying the promotion of two albums on its shoulders. First, on the album ‘All That We Needed’, the re-released on ‘Every Second Counts’.

The latter recording had a string section added to the one guitar arrangement. It is this version that achieved daily radio play in most countries in the world for a few months in 2007.

Hey There Delilah success

When ‘Hey There Delilah’ finally started to get international airplay, there was no stopping it. U.K radio stations had thousands of people calling in to ask about the song as it was played during the first half of 2007.

Building on the hype, it wasn’t released as a single until September, a whole year after Plain White T’s follow-up album! Slowly climbing the charts, it reached #1 in ten countries during 2007.

Nominated for Best Song and Best Vocal Performance at the 2008 Grammy awards, ‘Hey There Delilah’ only lost out to Amy Winehouse and Maroon 5.

Time magazine decided that it should be at #7 on their list of songs of 2007. They added that the concept of – an aching guy reaching out to a distant girl – felt fresh.