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Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson is a singer, songwriter, producer who started working with Berry Gordy before Motown was even founded.

Smokey’s band, The Miracles, were actually one of the first signings to the label.

During the 60s, Smokey Robinson and his Miracles released smash hits such as ‘Shop Around’, ‘You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me’, and The Tears of a Clown’.

Smokey also worked as a songwriter and producer for Motown. In this role, he is responsible for ‘My Guy’, ‘My Girl’ and ‘Get Ready’. He also wrote songs for Marvin Gaye and witnessed the development of little Stevie Wonder.

As if that wasn’t enough, Robinson also filled the position as the Vice president of Motown from 1965.

This was seemingly too much on Smokey’s plate as in 1972, he announced that his singing career was over and that he was to be only Vice President and a devoted father from now on.

A year later Smokey announced his comeback with a new album but by now, his former students, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder had become so successful that anything Smokey released paled in comparison.

The sweet, somewhat innocent sound of the 60s that Smokey was king of was gone, popular music had become more political.

What started out as “black music for white radio” had grown up and was now rebelling.

The new kings in town were Smokey’s students, Marvin and Stevie.

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