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Can I get A Witness

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Learn how to play Can I Get A Witness

In the step by step course, I’ll first take you through how to play each section, all over the neck.

There are four lessons and seven videos as well as TAB, and live band loops to practice along to.

Step by step, you’ll learn not just how to play the song, but also map out the fretboard with barre chords and Major Pentatonic scales.

After practicing all sections individually, I play the full song from beginning to end, in an improvised way. This way you can see all the ideas and concepts applied.

The final stage is for you to play with the band.

Chord progression

The chord progression is played in the key of Eb and switch quickly between chords as the bass stays on the root.

To avoid writing a million chords, I’ve just called it Eb riff and so on.


||: Eb Ab | Db Ab Absus4 Ab :||


| Eb riff x4 | Ab riff  x 2 | Eb riff x2 |

| Bb | Bb A | Ab riff | Eb riff x2 |

Occasionally, we add an extra Bb and play a Major Pentatonic lick at the end of this progression.

Switching quickly between barre chords

The best thing about learning ‘Can I Get A Witness’ is that you’ll learn all your Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, and Bb chords all over the neck.

To achieve this, we must, step by step work on all our barre chord shapes in each area of the neck.

Instead of doing this like a boring exercise to a metronome, in the course, you learn these chords by learning how to play ‘Can I Get A Witness’ – at the same time.

Even the exercises in the course are practiced along with the live band!

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