Cells – A Time And A Place

Cells – A Time And A Place

Is there a time and a place for the Cells?

I’ve said it before, I try my hardest to not promote bands I like, I want to keep my focus on teaching you how to learn guitar, not telling the world about new music.

However, a few months back I just had to go against this philosophy and tell you about Salt Ashes’ song Gold, a Brighton solo artist who are making waves with her electronic music in the U.K.

Today I have a debut single and video from a Brighton duo called ‘Cells’ to share with you, why? Because it’s bloody brilliant, that’s why!

The lyrics of ‘A Time And A Place’ brilliantly capture the time we live in. I hope you enjoy the video for it and be sure to see Cells live, catch up with them on their website cellsband or why not buy the song on bandcamp?

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