Chords, progressions, Scales, Arpeggios, chromatic and rhythmical exercises

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Chords, scales and arpeggios

Preview the exercises from the Acoustic step by step courses

To go from your first open position chord to substituting arpeggios when you improvise a solo, you’re gonna need to play some exercises!

I’m all for transparency, feel free to have a browse to see what awaits you when you take the acoustic step by step courses, it’s all here in the lesson libraries.

Don’t forget, in the course we start with a song, then look at what we can learn from it and get our theory and exercises from that.

For maximum learning, take the step by step courses. For reference, use the Guitar Conspiracy and these lesson libraries.


Beginner Chord ProgressionWe all have to start somewhere, but for how long do you strum simple songs? What do you need to know to play real songs?

What exercises should you practice to warm-up and improve your technique? How do you understand and change the key of a chord progression of a song?

A beginner need guidance more than anyone, check out these easy to follow video lessons as a preview of what awaits in the course: Beginner Guitar Lessons


All those open position chords you learned in the beginner course now become barre chords and pentatonic scales.

You’ll map out the entire fretboard at this stage. Chord progressions become easier to see once played as barre chords and little licks will start appearing in your playing.

Preview the exercises from the course here: Intermediate Guitar Lessons


These are pretty advanced exercises. You’ll be playing 7th note chords, arpeggios and modes all over the neck.

But don’t fret – As you’ve already mapped out the fretboard with pentatonic scales and barre chords, extending the concept is actually really simple.

Preview the exercises from the course here: Advanced Guitar Lessons


The master exercises go that extra mile and really hammer home all the concepts. Before you know it, it’ll all link together beautifully.

Building 2nd guitar parts, solo arrangement or even writing – Whatever music you want to create, your fretboard knowledge certainly won’t stand in your way!

Preview the exercises here: Master Guitar Lessons

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