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In the step by step course, I’ll first show you how to play the main riff all over the neck.

Not only is this a great idea when you eventually play the song, it also helps with visualization of the Minor Pentatonic on the fretboard.

As the chorus arrives, we move away from the D riff and play a very pop sounding chorus that uses the progression: FBbGmC.

The contrast between the repetitive riff and the simple pop chorus is, in my opinion, the reason this song works so well.

In the course, we’ll discuss many ways to play both the verse and the chorus.

After three step by step lessons, it is your turn to play the song with the band.

Chord progressions

The verse is really just a riff using the Dm pentatonic scale.

Should you want to add actual chords, they would be D, G, and F.

||: D | D G5 F5 :||

The chorus is very simple, it’s just a: I – IV – II – V in the key of F.

||: F | Bb | Gm | C :||

First, you should play through all shapes for these chords so you don’t limit yourself anywhere on the fretboard.

I’ll give you all the TAB you need for this and even live band loops to practice too. Finally, I’ll show you how to create and develop your own parts for the chorus.

Playing sax and string solos on the guitar

The solo is a written part, starting with sax and then followed by a fast string line.

Instead of improvising a solo, I decided to work out what the sax and strings actually did, then find a way to play that on the guitar.

The sax uses a glissando technique, which is impossible to completely emulate but using fast pull-offs, we can get close.

The strings are fast legato lines using 16th notes played over three note per string. This can be difficult as it’s easy to slip into playing triplets.

Because these are two unusual techniques, I wrote exercises for them that when practiced slowly will get you to a point where you can play this, just like I do in the video.

Learning to play solos by other instruments than the guitar is a great way to widen your horizons.

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