Greg Howe on the Double Stop podcast

Greg Howe on the Double Stop podcast

Greg Howe interview on how he got the Michael Jackson gig!

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Greg Howe – Beat It solo

I love my podcasts, the ‘No Guitar Is Safe‘ from Guitar Player is fantastic, the way Jude Gold jams with new guitar players every month is such a brilliant concept.

The double stop is a podcast from Vancouver, take a slightly different approach as they fly the flag for classic rock music.

At the time of writing, there are 97 episodes available.

All of them are interviews with musicians, engineers, mixers, producers etc who have all been there and actually done it.

One of the main topics that keep coming up in conversation is how this whole industry is sadly gone today. What you have here in this podcast series is a telling of what happened during those years when rock n roll was alive and kicking, before mp3s and the laptop studio killed the industry.

I’ve gone through most of these and there are some crackers in there!

I recommend having a listen to Micajah Ryan (ep 96), Michael Thompson (ep 90 & 91), Mike Fraser (ep 63) and Marco Mendoza (ep 23).

Most of all, you simply must listen to episode 36 with Greg Howe. The story of how he got the Michael Jackson gig is legendary. Here it is!

Part of the gig was to interact with Michael and as Greg was essentially filling in for Jennifer Batten he had to wear a giant wig that lit up.

Luckily, this was captured and put on YouTube. Check it out above.